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An Oasis Or A Mirage …… ?

It’s a year since my diagnosis of uterine cancer and my decision to blog about the ‘journey’. A few strained metaphors have been used – from going back in the water, to the fat lady singing via half full or half empty glasses, rocks & hard places, rollercoasters and devils & angels. I’m not quite back to the Fat Lady theme – she who had taken a breath for her last song – because although she has started singing right enough, she has another verse or two to go, so there’s no curtain call yet.

Ok, I’ll stop beating around the bush …. I thought that today would finally see ‘closure’ but sadly no. I had an ultrasound scan to see how my kidney is coping now that I no longer have a stent to assist my ureter. It’s no doing too very badly but apparently it’s still showing more fluid than they had hoped it would, which could mean said ureter is not working as well as it could. However, it also might mean that it is coping fine thanks very much, but once again I’ll need to give it more time to settle down (it’s only been coping on its own for three weeks), so I am to have a different scan in about six weeks. I don’t want to think about what has to happen if the kidney and ureter prove not to be coping. Nope – not going down that road yet!

Somehow the impetus to write has waned and any wit has gone AWOL. This in itself is disappointing, especially as I have started trying to collate my diary musings into a book, but after a year any new insights into the situation have kinda fizzled out.

I suppose this is entirely to be expected the further from the treatments I get, after all it’s four months since the end of the chemotherapy. My hair is re-growing and is now at a stage of just looking like an ordinary short style rather than a ‘survivor cut’. My twinges and niggles are minimal, though the eyes spontaneously overflowing continue to be annoying, and my energy is still disturbingly erratic. I managed to perform five consecutive nights at the Fringe thanks to taking it easy during the daytimes, including having wee naps, so most things are returning to more or less normality, albeit with minor adaptations .

All in all I am on a plateau – back to the strained metaphors……. I am in a desert with the sand stretching out in front of me as far as I can see, but I have it on good authority that there is an

Journey's End????

Journey’s End????

oasis over the horizon . I have to believe it won’t turn out to be a mirage.