Just When it Seemed Safe to Go Back In The Water……

Just When it Seemed Safe to Go Back In The Water……

It might seem naff but that’s the phrase that occurred to me today as I left the consulting room in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after being told that I have uterine cancer. It didn’t really fit but it is what sprang to mind, and I hope to chronicle what else does as I start the journey through this blasted thing again.

I had been given the ‘all-clear’ after my breast cancer in 2007 but apparently the Tamoxifen used to help prevent recurrence of the BC can stimulate other growths. (I knew there was a slight risk at the time and thought it was worth taking.)

When I had a very heavy bleed a few weeks ago, 18 years after the menopause, alarm bells rang but I was determined to stay positive.  An ultrasound indicated my womb-lining was three times thicker than expected, a sample was taken and then I was given a CT scan last week.

The second random thought this afternoon was “I can have chips after all”.  Relatively recently I had started getting an extra thick waistline, despite having more exercise than previous months but, with being ‘a lady of a certain age’, I thought I was just getting fat, so started reducing carbohydrates .  Apparently the increased waistline was also probably connected with the cancer as well – hence said chip-related thought .

Luckily September and October are the two quietest months as far as drama activity is concerned so that’s one good thing.  I shouldn’t have to miss too much.   A second positive is that as long as the growths have stayed within the womb it should get sorted easily, but it is such a bollock-ache  (meant figuratively but maybe almost literally too. )

I suppose there is fear involved, although that certainly wasn’t the first feeling I got. My main emotions are frustration and annoyance coupled with a determination that this will not get me down.  I had lumpectomy and radiotherapy last time so I am hoping I can avoid anything more drastic this time round as well.

So there you go… I feel fine, but there is somat dark and nasty baring its teeth inside me.   Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water ……….

4 thoughts on “Just When it Seemed Safe to Go Back In The Water……

  1. Walker

    Mind over matter Susan is always the key to success and often confounds even the medicine men! Coupled with positive thoughts from those who know and love you, and those like myself who know and admire you. An acquaintance only but sending you the most positive of thoughts. May your fighting spirit, and keen sense of humour, see you through. Walker

    1. susanannwales Post author

      Thank you very much Walker – such a kind thing to say. Proper boosted my ego so it did! My Mam showed me the value of mind over matter – I’m a strong believer in its power.


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