Why “Feeding The Soul”?

Why “Food For The Soul” ?

This wonderful country of Scotland provides what I term “food for my soul”. Visiting places like Glen Coe, Glen Etive, The Cuillins on Skye, Torridon and Sutherland – mountains, cloud formations, waves, patterns made by ripples, all provide wonderment galore. So much beauty surrounds us in a myriad of weather conditions, and the simple wonders of the world provide intense pleasure …………… . .

but for me walking in the hills is a ‘soul fix’ in a different league. (Picture of Buachaille Etive Mhor – by Walter Hampson, used by permission)

To explain a wee bit… My late husband (Bob) and I used to walk the Scottish mountains at every spare moment, plus tackling some simple rock climbing, abseiling and cycling. No doubt about it, it was an excruciatingly traumatic trial for me, with much distress mixed with success, but gradually I learned how to cope – how to trust myself – and my soul was lifted.

I am totally convinced that these activities were my saviours because, as a result of the intense physical and emotional challenges faced over a period of approximately ten years, I conquered the debilitating grand mal epilepsy that had plagued me since being seven years old.   I had my last seizure in October 1990 and after five years fit-free I decided to wean myself off all the drugs that I had taken since I was ten (albeit with changes over the years). This I did with my GP’s agreement during the following three years, so that by September 1998 I was medication free.  Bob died in October 1998.

Anyway, since Bob’s death in 1998 I had not hillwalked, apart from taking his ashes to the summit of Sgurr Nan Gillean on Skye and a couple of times up the Pentlands near to where I live. In fact, I thought that part of my life was finished and I had forgotten how much I needed this natural therapy.  A chance remark by my friend Debbie, that she needed to get away from it all for a wee while, prompted me to suggest she came through to Edinburgh for a wee wander in the Pentlands.  From little acorns and all that …..  .

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